Is anyone watching Heroes?

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It is on here about a week delay from the states, and while I have enjoyed it, it is not as fun as it could be. I feel like it is missing some of the intensity and they are just doing the Xmen thing of pulling out random abilities out of people. But I so want to like it more then I do.


No Irish Need Apply


One of the great things about Heroes is that it provokes so many questions:  What is the Company?  Where was Peter?  How can Nathan grow that beard in only four months?  But the question most on my mind is:  Couldn't the producers find any Irish actors to play the thugs from Cork?  Their accents are phonier than Kevin Costner's in Robin Hood.  Even Miss Cleo's Jamaican accent sounds more authentic.  All in all, though, the first two episodes have been entertaining, if still suffering from some of the weaknesses of the first season:  mainly soap-quality dialogue and acting.  That aside, I am enjoying Hiro in medieval Japan, even if it is a Back to the Future rip-off.  And Stephen Tobolowsky is a welcome addition to any show.  I'm also enjoying the absence of Nikki and Micah, though that lucky streak looks about ready to end.  (Also, "West" is just about the most ridiculous name I've ever heard.)

Heroes - Spoilers

I was a bit disappointed by the Heroes finale. I was expecting a bigger battle, more super-hero like. I also don't understand the following: 1- Why didn't Sylar stop Hiro from killing him? 2- Peter Petrelli can fly. Why didn't he just fly himself up into the sky to explode, why did Nathan have to carry him? Makes no sense. I think the show has been fairly "believable" so far as far as the use of their powers, but it seemed like the finale was rushed. I'll still watch next year.
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