Lake Recap--Thursday

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Who will help me with the lake recap for mere and scotty? My brain is still a bit fuzzy from the festivities. Here's day 1.


I took mere's place and rode up with Julie, Jerry, and Lilly. We got caught in the detour around Gettysburg but fared much better than others who were stuck in traffic for hours. I think LKO got out of her car and sun bathed for awhile??? J&J and I also kept ourselves entertained by playing the state capital game and calling/texting others to find out their ETAs. It rained on and off at the lake on Thursday, so we sat out on the porch in the big house most of the time. Jerry Munk provided burgers for dinner (ground the beef himself), Megan made them better with her fancy cheeses, and Huckleberry took advantage of a prime opportunity and snuck away with 3 raw burgers himself. Here's where things get foggy -- I think I started with Pimms Cup, then made a few people grapefruit cocktails and used my new fave Absolut Ruby Red vodka. Jennie, Jerry & Isabelle, Sarah & Lee (newbies!), LKO, Denny and of course LC, Camrox and Gus were all there for dinner as well -- KSaul came later. Celebrity was played. Up till 3:30am.

Next up: Rainy Friday -- learning to play Euchre, plus more games, more Pimms Cup, much more delicious food, Sara joins us, and Gus continues to be the perfect baby.

Countdown to the lake

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I am so excited for the lake. I need a vacation! Mere, we will miss you!!! Anything you'd like us to do, to make you feel like you were there? Day by day recap? Flip cup in your honor?


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