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Senator John McCain Believes Instead of Fair Pay, Women Need Training

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Check out the information on MomRising.com.

The reason that I avoid shopping at certain stores is because I know that they do not pay equal for men and women and have been sued over that fact. If John McCain thinks that what I or any woman needs is "more training" and that is why I get paid less is insanity.  

Yesterday, the Senate failed to pass the Fair Pay Act, which would allow women to demand equal pay for equal work. Senator McCain (R-AZ), who didn’t even come to vote, said that instead of legislation allowing them to demand equal pay, women simply need “education and training.” Not only is his information wrong — women still are all too often paid less for the same work, even though they have the same education and training — he’s also sending a message to our nation, to our sons and daughters, that this pay gap is okay, and it’s women’s fault for being paid less.

So to send a message to Congress, and specifically Senator McCain, [women are signing] this petition for Fair Pay and sending Senator McCain their resumes — to show that women have plenty of education, what we need is Fair Pay. You should send yours too!

John McCain's MySpace Page "Enhanced"

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So the people who built the John McCain myspace page just stole code from someone else so they changed stuff on their site and it changed McCain's site:

From TechCrunch:

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