Lite Discussion Friday: Race in America

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Here’s an article, from, about the ubiquitous stuffwhitepeoplelike blog. The author, Gary Dauphin, admits that his main reason for disliking the site is because it is so successful. He reports that Lander, the creator, has already reportedly been offered a $350K-plus book deal from Random House. He says nothing gets under his skin, “like the spectacle of a twentysomething white kid doing what twentysomething white kids do all the time, namely, play on some or another aspect of their race for smug fun and profit.” Also interesting that he reports that Lander explains that he "came up with the idea for the blog after talking to a Filipino friend about how much they both liked the HBO police drama "The Wire."” Yet, “the SWPL entry on The Wire summarily disappears (or is that assimilates?) the Filipino friend….(I guess didn't have that magic ring).”

ok, i'll be the first to say it

i haven't watched the whole show, but the united way parody is hilarious. i have a few favorite parts but don't want to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.

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