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Pajiba is doing an ongoing series of the best 15 seasons on TV in the past 20 years. This week is Season 2 of Buffy. While I totally agree that Buffy should be in the list, I feel like it should take up at least 3 of the spots because season 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 were amazing and I can't say that the others were really less awesome (except season 7 which was not good). Anyway here are the rest of the reviews of what is good for you:

Going to talk about Buffy

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I know the show has been off for a while, but with Veronica Mars about to be cancelled, its bringing back reminders of how sad I was when Buffy went off the air. Good thing I have the entire series on DVD so I can go back and watch it over and over again. Slowly Going Bald has a great post about the show.

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