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Anything with shooting is kind of cool

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Another day of recapping. going back to cover it live for today.

Get ready for figure skating

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I don't think he will actually do this routine at the Olympics, but I would love it if he did.

Johnny Weir everyone. 

Women's Moguls And Short Track

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I am unsure about the thing, so this next event I am just going to do within the main platform. Might go back to the coveritlive, but we shall see. So onto Women's Moguls Finals. I watched the prelims already. There will be 20 people in the finals. The top ten is a mix of US and Canada and one Japanese. So this is the event where they go straight down a mogul track and then have two jump opportunities where everyone in the prelims were doing a mix of backflips, 360s and some front flips which I really cannot work out how you even do that. They are pretty awesome.

I think for the final some of the top women are going to do some pretty sweet tricks. I don't want to discount their mogul work as well. It is my dream to be able to do moguls that fast and well. I feel like I can do that for about 2 seconds and then I get stuck and freak out. 

So it seems that the short track finals has pushed into this taping so I am going to comment on that part. A final for short track skating, it is Apollo Ohno who is in the final with some other people who should totally lose. He is the defending 1500 meter champion. The rest of the group are 2 Koreans also JR Celski who is another American. 17 year old from China and one Canadian. So should be a good match. Love the announcer "This should be a good cracker" 


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As you all know, really the only sports I like are the Olympics and the World Cup. This year, I get both! So the Olympics has started and I am very excited to start my blogging about everything I watch. I have set the DVR to tape almost everything. I am only taping some of the curling and have decided not to do cross country I remember the last olympics and while it is a feat to do it, It is a tad boring to watch.

I will post daily with what I have watched, I am sure I am going to be behind what actually happened, sorry. 

Positive - In the UK the BBC has almost the entire olympics on from the beginning with no commercials, almost no sob stories and including preliminary rounds and actually shows everyone competeing. Let me tell you - it is just another experience then watching it in the US. You get to see so many people competing. I love it.  So let's get started. It is sunday and now that I have done brunch, the rest of my day is dedicated to Olympic watching becuase it is cold and gross outside. So a few posts today. 

Starting off - Sadness of the first day with the tragic death of Georgian luge slider Nodar Kumaritashvili during a practice run. He was 21 and it was a terrible accident. 

Opening Ceremonies

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