Yes this is a real movie

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Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

This scene has the Mega shark taking down a plane in the air. At Flowing Data they have found an artists rendition of how this could happen. Also so you can see the video of it:

Just in case you were needing one

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In an only can happen in Vegas scenario, I am walking out of the Venetian tonight and look up and see they have a T-Rex on display. WHICH YOU CAN BUY IN AN AUCTION. October 3. So in case you were in need of a giant dinosaur for your living room, better get to Vegas on the 3rd.The T-Rex name is Samson.

YouTube - WTF?

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Sometimes, you are travelling around the internet and someone has posted just the most bizzare video from YouTube. This week I have found it. I don't get the joke, I don't know why you would every decide to put this up for the world to see, but I am so glad you did because it made me laugh out loud. I give you:

Nosferatu singing Lady GaGa. Can anyone tell me who is the guy on the poster behind him besides criss angel? It looks like it might be Brad Pitt. (thank you SIMYP)


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