It is like 1992 all over again

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So back when I was a freshman in high school, I got my first pair of black high top chuck tailors. I LOVED them. I called them my "shiny happy people" shoes mostly because my mom bought them for me only if I would promise not to complain if I was wearing them. I am not sure I was actually able to keep that promise, but I think sometimes  I tried. I wore them with skirts, and dresses and flannel shirts sometimes I would switch up between them and the black Doc's, but I loved these shoes. Then I got a pair of low tops that were green with yellow stitching and those were equally amazing. 

By the time 1995 rolled around, the chuck fetish had kind of worn off, I think it was more about the Steve Madden shoes going into college, but I am pretty sure there are pictures from freshman year of college with the green chucks (and I think a warner bros t-shirt). 

Ms. S&C Thanks You

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Shoes and Cocktails got a nod in today's edition of the Washington Post's Express paper (see page 36--the blog log). Whether it was from Mere's re-tweet or LC sharing it with her FB friends... I don't know how they got word of the bunny's birthday party, but Ms. S&C really appreciates your support! I'm totally flattered.


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