The Black Donnellys

The Wack Donnellys

Did anyone watch The Black Donnellys last night?  From Paul Haggis, it's about four Irish brothers from New York who gamble, cheat, steal, fuck, brawl and drink.  Sounds great, right?  It would be if the storyline weren't so convoluted.  It's the pilot and there's a lot of set-up to get out of the way, perhaps, but the show needs to slow down and give its characters at least some redeeming qualities.  The brothers don't even seem to take good care of each other.  Oddly enough, that kind of unrelenting pathos works well in comedy (cf., Seinfeld, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) but if they're not even funny, the characters' mean-spiritedness is just a drag.  Could be good, but the pilot did not bode well.

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