Wales - South Africa Rugby Match

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Wales - South Africa Rugby Match A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to go to the Wales vs. South Africa Rugby match in Wales. I had to be at Paddington by 9am on saturday and we got on the train for the 2 hour ride down. It was super packed with people - standing room only on the train and everyone was really nice and happy and friendly excited to go to the game. I ended up luckly with a seat and was next to a really nice South African guy who told me the rules of the game and which players to watch.

We got to Cardiff and went to lunch and there were so many people on the street and the best part was you paid someone a pound and got them to do a little face painting. I got a South Africa rugby mascot on my face. It was funny. 

Went into the millenium stadium and it was packed! 74,000 people and we had really great seats behind the goal. The game is only 90 minutes and it was fun throughout, I was getting it by the end what was going on. Rugby players are HUGE guys. And they just get wrecked at every play. It was really fun to watch. 

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