Cinque Terre - Day one

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Since I have been so busy, I am making my posts shorter and more impactful. So Day One to start. Our flight was cancelled on Friday so I got the earliest flight out which was 6am on saturday morning. That was a tad painful since the airport is an hour away, but thankfully I found a cheap car service so he picked us up right at my flat and lovely drive out. Got to Pisa and went directly to the train station and we got the train that went directly to Monteresso. Somewhat nice train ride through Tuscany. I have to give the italians huge props for having cheap trains that run amazingly well and on time. That was a great thing. Like clockwork. 

MonterossoSo we get into Monteresso and that city is sort of split into two and our hotel was on the other side from the train station. So there are pretty much no cars, so you just have to walk it with your stuff. My mom and I of course made the mistake that there are two streets that get you to the other side of town, one is well paved and straight and one is up like 100 stairs and rocks. Guess one we took? But got some lovely pictures. 

London Update

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So my mom and sister came to London earlier this month and I had a nice time off and becuase it is taking so long for my photos to upload I am breaking this up into a few posts. First one - In London.

LondonSo they got in in the morning and I forced them to stay awake and since it was a thursday we took the bus and went to borough market on the left bank and then walked up the embankment all the way to the London Eye, Big Ben and Parliment.  It ended up being a really nice sunset so we got some good pictures.

Then it ended up that it was Megan's birthday so we took many trains to get up north london to have a few pints with Megan. Then of course to make their day even longer, while there should have been a bus home, it was taking forever so we just ended up walking. I sort of killed them, but I think it was good since they got a good night's sleep including the fact that they both take sleeping pills and start seeing double and falling asleep before actually getting into bed. It was pretty funny. 


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My mom and sister are here and tomorrow we leave for the long weekend to go to Cinque Terra in Italy. Should be lovely and I cannot wait to eat my face off.

I am going to be in NYC on the 26th is anyone around? I would love to get dinner. Back online on Tuesday.


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