Cinque Terre - Day two

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Riomaggiore Day two of my adventure weeks ago. We took the train to the first town to start. I have to say, everyone on our train car were americans. It was weird. I heard more american accents in Italy then I have in the past couple of months. We met a lovely couple from northern california.

Riomaggiore So these towns are really small and there are a few little highlights in each of the towns. Mostly it is a lot of walking around in these cute towns that sort of come out of the side of the mountains. Also the priests wear the old style robes which my mom thought was adorable and kept trying to take pictures of them. I think it was sort of how I felt about the baby monks in cambodia. 


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My mom and sister are here and tomorrow we leave for the long weekend to go to Cinque Terra in Italy. Should be lovely and I cannot wait to eat my face off.

I am going to be in NYC on the 26th is anyone around? I would love to get dinner. Back online on Tuesday.


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