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L&O Theme Song

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I have pretty much been watching some form of Law and Order since college. It was on like 4 times a day and at least one of those times was at 2am and I think I watched most of them. So I know the theme song like it is part of the theme song to my life.

Now that I have TV - there is channel 5 US and it is mostly US shows a few seasons behind. Positive side - We are still in the Lenny and Jesse Martin phase of L&O original - weirdness - New theme song! It is weird and unsettling. It is way more grungy and electronica then the original. 

They also have House and that theme song is different as well. What an odd thing to change. 

At least the scene changing "dong-dong" is still there.

Also - the wire is just on regular tv here. 

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