4th of July in Dublin

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Over the weekend I figured it was a good idea to celebrate the independence of the UK from Britain, I would go to Ireland. And the better part - I got to visit Jojo and Kieran so I got a local tour of the city. Good times.

Poetry in a Pint of GuinnessI arrived on Friday and met up with Jojo and Kieran and we got my first pint of Guinness in the homeland. It was good. Then we went to the Ireland Ex-Pat Democratic party BBQ. It was held at the Guinness Athletic Club which was in the heyday the athletic club for Guinness employees it has grass tennis courts and lawn bowling. As well as a great old bar. So we drank some more, ate some hotdogs, drank more beer. Then it was time to go up to the activity room where we were supposed to get a call from the obama campaign, but there were technical difficulties. Then there was a raffle and we CLEANED UP. We won 160 euros worth of gift certificates to the nicest restaurant in Dublin, a bottle of wine and a Kieran won a pair of sneakers. It was awesome. And then we kept drinking.

Because it would be weird

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To work on the 4th of July and because I am missing the parties in DC. I am taking the day off and flying to Dublin to visit Jojo and Kieran. Psyched!
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