Twitter - My second post

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My original post about twitter is here but just gives you the basics.

Twitter is a microblogging tool so that you have 140 characters to tell people "What are you doing?" it is kind of like the status updates on Facebook except a little more public and has somewhat of a different audience since anyone can see you twitter update and only your friends can see your status update.

So what is the deal with the following? When you sign up for an account - you basically are creating your own blog like you do on and all your updates show up on your page like mine.  The way that other people get updates on what you are doing is to "follow" you. When they follow you, your updates will then show up on their page so that they can see what you are doing as well. You need to follow other people to see what they are doing without having to go to each person's individual page. That would just be a pain in the a$$ if you had to click on everyone's individual page to see what they are doing, which is why you Follow them so that it comes to you.

New Feature - Twitter

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I have added my twitter feed to the site. You will now see the lovely pink box that has mine and my followers feeds.

What is twitter?  Basically it is a way to communicate in only 140 character. Short and sweet and fast conversations that you can send from anywhere, phone, IM, the site.

Here is my feed:

The Post article about Twitter

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