A few sad things

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First - So sad Obama's Grandma died today.

Second - What time is the sunset tomorrow - 4:19pm. I did not really think about the complete lack of daylight I was going to have living here. 

Third - My ipod stopped working almost 3 years to the day I bought it. I had to trek to the apple store in the rain for them to not actually figure out what is wrong, but make me come back later this week to get a new one for 40 pounds. I don't think that is too bad except I have this sinking feeling that a large amount of the stuff that is on my ipod I am just never going to be able to get on my new one for some reason or another. Granted - I really only listen to NPR podcasts anymore so it probably isn't a big deal. 

I will do my Italy update soon. I have just been buried in work the past 2 months and when I get home, it is sometimes hard for me to look at another screen. But tomorrow I will be watching the returns (live on the BBC) and I will do it then. 

Palin's experience in 12 minutes

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This is a great little video that goes through the experience of all past Vice Presidents and where Sarah Palin fits into this.

Got my absentee ballot today

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Week has been an interesting one for me. Sunday my friend Thecla and I took the number 19 bus from Angel to Chelsea. The Lonely Planet guide for London says if you don't want to pay of the tour bus, if you take the number 19 bus and sit on the top in the front, you basically get the same tour. Which was great. You go through picadilly circus, green park, hyde park corner, knightsbridge, slone square and onto Chelsea. It ended up being a pretty nice day and we went shopping in the lovely stores in chelsea. I bought a new bag that will fit more then I need to and then bought another pair of MBTs because I realized that for the past month I have only worn my MBTs so I might as well get a second pair so I switch up the shoes. I Love them.

So we decided to walk back from Chelsea to home. We went from south west London to North East London. In all we walked 10k. (I have a pedometer now that tracks kms as well as steps). 

yes we can

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this video surely represents everything travis hates about democrat-loving-hollywood. will.i.am, of the black eyed peas, and jesse dylan, son of bob dylan, produced a music video of obama's NH primary concession speech. it is so so good. and, here's a wash post article about what people are calling a "Semi-spiritual, uplifting, a fusion of progressive narrative with religious and emotional sentiment. It's an inspirational slice of the civil rights movement legacy."

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