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So when I went to the store the other night, I needed milk and for some reason (possibly the tube strike) the only milk they had was whole milk and skimmed goat's milk. I bought the goat's milk. It is very weird to drink it really does taste like goat's cheese in liquid form. I am not sure I would buy it again. I don't know how it is going to taste on cereal.

Food Post

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Since I haven't really posted about much of the daily life. Food post for the foodies. Surprisingly, Cambodian food is really not spicy. At all. The two main Khmer foods are Curry which while not spicy is really good. It is heavy on the fresh coconut milk and very creamy and usually includes onion, potato, pumpkin and whatever meat you ask for. It is really good. You can ask for chilies to make it spicier, but I don't think it needs to be spicy. The other main Khmer dish is called ämok which is steamed fish wrapped in a banana leaf with a different curry and morning glory. What they refer to as morning glory is not what I think we would call morning glory. It sort of looks like a leafy vegetable, but I can't think of what it would be in the US. Amok is also very good, at every restaurant it is a little different but usually tastes like a green curry.

Restaurant Review - Me Jana

Here is the link to Jerry's restaurant review of the new Lebanese place in Courthouse in our neighborhood newsletter.  Clink on current newsletter and scroll down to page 9.
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