If my currency conversion is correct, I am pretty sure this post is costing me 4 dollars

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Hello from Thailand. I didn't think there was going to be an internet connection on the island I am on, but why would I not expect it, the problem is it is 4 dollars for 30 minutes. So quick post. I am on a lovely island off the coast of phuket. The hotel does have a regular boat shuttle, but when I got to the dock, I would have to wait an hour so I haggled with a long boat and had them drive me out here by myself. That was an adventure. They Island is in the bay on the non-ocean side of the island but the trip is about 9km and that boat was a little small. I got a little burned, but it was pretty fun. no seasickness. lots of waves.  

The island I am on is basically the one if you are anywhere tropical when you see the day snorkling trips to a small island or secluded side of the island. I am staying there. So in the early morning and after 3pm there are only about 30 people here. During the rest of the day it is pretty full with day trippers but kind of fun. It is great when everyone leaves and you have this huge beach to yourself and it is low tide and you can walk out like 100 yards and it is only ankle deep.

Day one or two not sure which

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Hi everyone,

I am in the bangkok airport about to leave for cambodia. My flights were very long getting here an I was amazed by the guy next to me who was able to sleep for 9 hours straight. I got about 3 hours on the first flight and then by the second one I was out of gas and fell asleep for most of it.

Of course, I now have a cold, which is just annoying but I am so glad I brought the dayquill strips. they are coming in handy. Hopefully the cold will be short and I will feel fine in a few days.

My taxi ride to the airport this morning was harrowing. The very nice taxi driver was playing the soundtrack to the Bridget Jones' Diary which of course I have, but he was also going 140km/h and swerving through traffic. I was close to either screaming in terror or throwing up. It was fun.

I had a lovely papaya juice this morning that was wonderful. Will have to keep that on the list of things.

More details figured out

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I am leaving my time in Cambodia sort of open to what comes, I have from February 4 - February 18 open to what I want to do. It is decided (by me) that I am going to spend those two weeks in Thailand. I have two things figured out so far.

February 6 - 13th - I am going to Coral Island off the coast of Phuket - Situated 9 km off the south east coast of Phuket. The island is surrounded by colourful coral reefs, hence the name Coral Island. The island has two long stretches of white, sandy beach on one side, and a few quiet bays on the other. I plan on sitting on the beach and maybe learning how to dive for the 3rd time. This time I think it will stick. 

February 15 - 17th - I am going to Chaing Mai in northern Thailand. Staying at this lovely Guest House.  This is where I plan to wander around, learn how to cook thai food and they have this night bizzare which sounds awesome. Also lots of buddhist temples which you can't pass up. 

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