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This week I will be going through some of the updates that are now on the site. The first enhancement is the Categories feature. When you add a new post (which you can now get to from the top tab called "new post") You will see after the Title bar two new bars, one called "TV Shows" and one called "Topic".

If your post is going to be about one or many TV shows, start typing in what TV show you are talking about in the TV shows box. If someone has already used that category, a drop-down box will show up and you can choose from an already supplied TV show or add a new one. If you are talking about more then one show in your post, just add a comma and put in the other one. Gets an Upgrade

muertemaria's picture had to have an upgrade because it was like 6 versions old.

Good Things about the Upgrade:

  • New Features including Categories
  • Search
  • Polls
  • Email Notification
  • More coming later this week

Bad Things about the Upgrade:

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