FNL *spoilers*


first, i'll say that i was nervous about the whole muder storyline in FNL but was willing to trust the writers. afterall they faced a similar challenge last year when smash's gf was bipolar and that ended up working out pretty well.

friday night's episode was awesome. the show and story lines have gotten very dark and i like it. even the "Tandry" storyline is getting better. first the way he told her off under the stadium was awesome and next week looks to be better when it starts with her sneaking out of his window. clearly she's going to have major regrets and things are going to get super awkward.

i want to see more of coach taylor though... that was a great scene with him and the cocky college kid. and you know that the head coach meant that comment that he "must have been a helluva high school coach" as a dig. i think how they get coach taylor back to coaching the dillon panthers will be a challenge, because everyone expects it and they teased it in the scenes for next week.

also, i say its only another ep or two before riggins bangs the jesus out of layla.

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