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Where I am staying in Cambodia

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I found out where I am staying in Cambodia. It is called Imagine Angkor.
This is a brand new guest house offering
lots of services. It functions as a training center for young Cambodians
who wants to work in tourism. Exciting. So close!

It is really happening

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The papers are signed, the plane tickets are purchased. I am leaving for 2 months starting January 4. The first month from January 6th - February 4th, I will be working with United Planet in Siem Reap Cambodia at an orphanage. I am raising money for this trip and for United Planet and if you would like to donate (end of the year tax-deductible donation). I would really appreciate it.

More details to come as they firm up.  

London Stopped Calling

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So there have been rumors, plans, talking, offers, counteroffers, more talking and as of this week my plan to move to london is now off the table. It was very sad that it didn't work out but economically it wasn't going to be feasible. I am disappointed. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. I am I guess OK with it now.

So what am I going to do instead? Jason bought a house and is moving out of our place of 8 years the end of this month. I will be staying put until the end of December because I am still in flux.

2008 plan so far - January and February 2008. I am taking a sabbatical and going to Cambodia to work at an orphanage with a group called United Planet. I will probably be there for 4 weeks and then travel around Asia for another 2 weeks. Then go visit the fam in San Diego for 2 weeks. That is all I have planned for the moment. Don't know where I am going to end up after that time. I am still deciding. 

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