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Pick Programs to Record: Fall TV 2007 Primetime

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It is about that time that the Fall shows are about to start again and while sadly Lost and Battlestar will not be on until January, many new shows and our favs are coming back soon. I have reviewed my EW Fall TV Preview as well as Pajiba's TV Review and here is what I am having scheduled for the fall 2007. This is only for primetime and does not include HBO or FX or Comedy Central (curb your enthusiasm, Its always sunny in philadelphia, South Park, Nip/Tuck, etc)


  •  8PM - Viva Laughlin - Show based upon a UK show Viva Blackpool. Hugh Jackman is in it. could be terrible. I don't have high hopes, but don't want to miss out on a singing show.
  • 8PM - The Simpons - It gets taped, that does not mean it gets watched.
  • 9PM - Family Guy and American Dad - Whatever, I think both have their moments.
  • 10PM - Shark - James Woods. Need I say more. I can't help myself.


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