What should we do this year?

My vote is a modified version of last year - with a fancy dinner and go back to someone's house for games and ryan seacrest.


Is no one watching TV?

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I don't understand - It is november and no one is talking about any TV shows. What are you all watching? Has it just been the election and you have all missed TV?

Is anyone watching Life on Mars? I have been watching both the US and the UK version. The first couple of episodes are almost exactly the same. The main difference is that I do like the US version a little better for the following reasons:

Harvey Kaitel is the boss
Crissy from the Sopranos has the best facial hair I have ever seen and he has some great lines
The main character is much hotter in the US version then in the UK version. Even though he is actually an Irish Actor.

But in the end - The UK version was 2 seasons and had a beginning and an end and the US version is probably not going to make it until january.

UK Version

US Version - How can you not love the hair?

Remember the 5th of November

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Last wednesday was Guy Fawkes night also called bonfire night. All around the country people have big bonfires and hang out outside in the cold and set off a crap load of fireworks. It is like the lake times 1000.

I had noticed in the past few weeks that people were always setting off fireworks, but last wednesday it was great. 

I have been working a lot lately, so I wasn't getting off the tube until around 9 last wednesday night and my walk home was really fun literally 10 separate non-sanctioned just random people who have bought out  Phantom fireworks and just let them all off for hours. Good show all around. 

Just today, I have haven't heard any fireworks, I think everyone finally has run out of screamers and everything else. 

Cinque Terre - Day two

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Riomaggiore Day two of my adventure weeks ago. We took the train to the first town to start. I have to say, everyone on our train car were americans. It was weird. I heard more american accents in Italy then I have in the past couple of months. We met a lovely couple from northern california.

Riomaggiore So these towns are really small and there are a few little highlights in each of the towns. Mostly it is a lot of walking around in these cute towns that sort of come out of the side of the mountains. Also the priests wear the old style robes which my mom thought was adorable and kept trying to take pictures of them. I think it was sort of how I felt about the baby monks in cambodia. 

overloaded with cute

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New baby pygmy hippo in an austrailan zoo.

Cinque Terre - Day one

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Since I have been so busy, I am making my posts shorter and more impactful. So Day One to start. Our flight was cancelled on Friday so I got the earliest flight out which was 6am on saturday morning. That was a tad painful since the airport is an hour away, but thankfully I found a cheap car service so he picked us up right at my flat and lovely drive out. Got to Pisa and went directly to the train station and we got the train that went directly to Monteresso. Somewhat nice train ride through Tuscany. I have to give the italians huge props for having cheap trains that run amazingly well and on time. That was a great thing. Like clockwork. 

MonterossoSo we get into Monteresso and that city is sort of split into two and our hotel was on the other side from the train station. So there are pretty much no cars, so you just have to walk it with your stuff. My mom and I of course made the mistake that there are two streets that get you to the other side of town, one is well paved and straight and one is up like 100 stairs and rocks. Guess one we took? But got some lovely pictures. 

Is anyone watching Heroes?

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It is on here about a week delay from the states, and while I have enjoyed it, it is not as fun as it could be. I feel like it is missing some of the intensity and they are just doing the Xmen thing of pulling out random abilities out of people. But I so want to like it more then I do.


CA Bans Gay Marriage... and other real headlines

CA Gay Marriage Ban Set to Pass

Passage of Prop 8 Shames CA

Nation watches as CA votes on gay marriage ban

CA opposes gay marriage, but still likes to suck cock


OK - one of those isn't real...


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I Voted

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I voted - Well last week. But hopefully it made it. I want to know all your experiences? Was the lines crazy long? was there a mad rush? Let me know!

A few sad things

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First - So sad Obama's Grandma died today.

Second - What time is the sunset tomorrow - 4:19pm. I did not really think about the complete lack of daylight I was going to have living here. 

Third - My ipod stopped working almost 3 years to the day I bought it. I had to trek to the apple store in the rain for them to not actually figure out what is wrong, but make me come back later this week to get a new one for 40 pounds. I don't think that is too bad except I have this sinking feeling that a large amount of the stuff that is on my ipod I am just never going to be able to get on my new one for some reason or another. Granted - I really only listen to NPR podcasts anymore so it probably isn't a big deal. 

I will do my Italy update soon. I have just been buried in work the past 2 months and when I get home, it is sometimes hard for me to look at another screen. But tomorrow I will be watching the returns (live on the BBC) and I will do it then. 

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a fun night or two. I just found the best picture to capture Halloween. I think the best new mom pic ever. How cool is LC!

London Update

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So my mom and sister came to London earlier this month and I had a nice time off and becuase it is taking so long for my photos to upload I am breaking this up into a few posts. First one - In London.

LondonSo they got in in the morning and I forced them to stay awake and since it was a thursday we took the bus and went to borough market on the left bank and then walked up the embankment all the way to the London Eye, Big Ben and Parliment.  It ended up being a really nice sunset so we got some good pictures.

Then it ended up that it was Megan's birthday so we took many trains to get up north london to have a few pints with Megan. Then of course to make their day even longer, while there should have been a bus home, it was taking forever so we just ended up walking. I sort of killed them, but I think it was good since they got a good night's sleep including the fact that they both take sleeping pills and start seeing double and falling asleep before actually getting into bed. It was pretty funny. 

Too Quiet on the MB Front

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Wow, it has been way too quiet around here. What's everyone up to? I can't go to Josh and Megan's party, so tell me what we'll be missing. Mere, what's new in London? 

My recent days have included: (a) the colts breaking my heart, (b) blair and chuck breaking my heart, (c) obsessing about the election, (d) loving the True Blood series on HBO -- anyone else watching? 


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