Tracy Morgan is Tracy Jordan


Tracy Morgan went crazy on local El Paso TV recently. The YouTube title suggests he's drunk, but I think that's just Tracy. The line between Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan is thin, blurry and possibly non-existent.

Last Night on AI

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What an interesting night. There are so many who sucked and could go. Chris Sligh looked terrible without the glasses. I didn't like that at all. People forgetting words. Simon is still a super dirty old man by saying that Haley was good because she was pretty but that dress was weird with the wide belt around her butt. Kiki was great. Melinda was great - even if I am getting a little annoyed by her "You are actually clapping for me?" look every time. My god girl! OWN IT! You are awesome. Jordan was great. I like Blake even if Simon didn't get it.

CD of the Month Club

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LC's first edition CD will be out this weekend - minus the scary Michael face. Think I've got most of you on my list, but if you want to ensure your copy drop me a line. L


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I just sent the info out for the pool- if you didn't get it and you want to play email meipoo. very exciting!!! Mere- can you do the paypal dealio again?

Tribe Pride

Did anyone see Scrubs this week? There are W&M posters all over the walls at JD & Turk's dorm! Did they go to W&M? Watch it immediately.

obey flips out



the sound isn't great to start with, but stick with it. it's entertaining.

Dice Undisputed

Has anybody been watching this show?

Lost - Finally - Spoilers

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So finally lost had some forward movement. I actually enjoyed the episode. Not sure why the others thought it would be better to be dead. Do you think they knew that if they we taken captive they would have been in even more trouble. Are there really Dharma and Hostiles and some sort of mythic fight? I like that idea. Still want to know more about Dharma. Interesting that no one can get off the island because of the explosion. The Hatch really was critical.

The guys

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So what did everyone think? Can you believe that none of them knew 311? That was weird. That song was ALL OVER the radio in 1997. Its weird how they keep telling the contestants they need to do younger songs and then when they do, they haven't heard of them. I like that. Sanjaya was awful again and his hair was weird. Sundance I thought it was weird to do Pearl Jam because Eddy Vedder has such a distinctive voice but kudos for trying.

Worst Dunk Contest Ever

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Ukranian dunk contest that doesn't work out that well


Office Humor

After years of wanting to do the "wrap a desk in saran wrap it was finally able to happen. We wrapped a designers desk. It was fun. Took like 2 hours and he was able to get it all off in like 10 minutes. Still fun.

If you are in the DC area friday

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Happy Hour Early Birthday Celebration for me.

Cafe Citron. 5:30

1343 Connecticut Ave NW • Washington, DC • 202-530-8844

I sent out an email but I am pretty sure I missed most people because I keep forgetting to add email addresses to my contact list.  Invite everyone I forgot. mmmm Mojitos...

Laser Rocket SNL

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It is still a few weeks off but set your recorders for Peyton Manning's SNL hosting gig. March 24. It is gonna be awesome.


This week in AI

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So what did everyone think of the girls and boys this week? Melinda is amazing. I love that she has a stylist. Her outfit just proves that if you are going to go on TV, you need a stylist. I like the beatbox guy who sang jamirquai. That was great he keeps picking songs that have never been done on the show. Antonella was again awful and she better get voted off this week. The dog walker girl should be off too. that Scating I was embarrassed for her.

What do you think of the plans to build a $100M monument to Dr. King?

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I'm no dummy. I know better than to argue about a memorial to MLK.
17% (1 vote)
$100M isn't excessive at all. More than the endowments of all but four of the historically black colleges you say? Well, er...
33% (2 votes)
"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and carve a 28-foot-tall likeness of me out of Chinese granite."
0% (0 votes)
I am all for it, as long as it comes with a giant "Mission Accomplished" banner.
17% (1 vote)
The man donated his Nobel Prize winnings to the civil rights movement. I am pretty sure he wouldn't want a statue of himself.
33% (2 votes)
Total votes: 6
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