Heroes - Spoilers

I was a bit disappointed by the Heroes finale. I was expecting a bigger battle, more super-hero like. I also don't understand the following: 1- Why didn't Sylar stop Hiro from killing him? 2- Peter Petrelli can fly. Why didn't he just fly himself up into the sky to explode, why did Nathan have to carry him? Makes no sense. I think the show has been fairly "believable" so far as far as the use of their powers, but it seemed like the finale was rushed. I'll still watch next year.

Kudos Book Club

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On my other fav site Pajiba, they had a great comment diversion this week of what are the top 5 books you love that were published in the past 15 years. And there have been over 400 comments from readers about their top 15 novels from the past 15 years and a lot of our book club books have made it onto the list. Good job girls! Some of our books that people have mentioned repeatedly.

Sad News - No more VM

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VCW’s network president, Dawn Ostroff. At today’s press conference, she is reported as flat-out stating: ” ‘Veronica Mars’ is not coming back.”

I am so sad about this. What a great show and they aren't bringing it back. Sad day.


Grey's Sadness--spoiler

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OMG, how heartbreaking was last night's episode??? George not passing his intern exams, all the break-ups, AND Callie getting the chief resident position over Dr. Bailey was the absolute worse blow of all. I guess the one good thing is Richard isn't going anywhere.

House for Sale!

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Open house on Sunday- tell your friends!

Open 5/20 from 1 - 4 p.m. Do not miss this terrific opportunity to own a very recently completely updated end unit townhouse in a great Del Ray location. With two bedrooms, two full baths, a finished basement, refinished hardwoods, custom plantation shutters, a hot tub and off street parking! You cannot ask for anything more! Steps to "The Avenue" and minutes to Old Town & Downtown, D.C.!

Wish us luck!!



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This weekend is the final weekend for Art-O-Matic. Its in Crystal City. Anyone want to go on Saturday night? Dinner and then Funny Art?



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I just watched the last episode -- what did everyone think? I was shocked as poo that Tony killed Christopher! I didn't watch the past two seasons, but did he kill him because he started doing drugs again and he is just too much of a risk? Was he remorseful at the end, or just relieved that he could say it was him? Interesting how his luck changed...at least at the roulette table.

3 Songs, and FF'ed viewer questions

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Well we are down to the end and only 2 more shows to blog. Oh god they are singing 3 songs each. Not sure I am actually that excited about three songs each. OOOOO. But I forgot, this is the episode where the judges pick a song, producers pick a song and the contestants pick a song. Actually this might be pretty good. The contestants go home to see their fans.

Happy Mothers Day

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In honor of Mothers Day, My Favorite Mother's Day video from BaratsandBereta.com

Officer Lightweight

A partial transcript of a 911 emergency call from a cop who confiscated pot on the job then went home and made brownies with them.

911: Dearborn Heights emergency...

Sanchez: Can you please send rescue to "bleep". I think I'm having an overdose. and so is my wife.

911: Overdose of what?

Sanchez: Marijuana.

Sanchez: We made brownies. and I think we're dead. I really do.

Sanchez: What's the score in the Red Wings game?

911: I've got no clue, i don't watch the Red Wings.

The Office- Spoiler alert

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Was that the season finale? Do we have to wait all summer to see how Jim responds? I thought it was a great episode. Of course Jim's gf will get the job and move away and all will be good for Jim and Pam- that's what I'm hoping anyway...

In Happier News

I'd like to second Anne Coulter's comments in welcoming France back to western civilization. I for one am very excited. I haven't bought a french bottle of wine for as long as i've been ordering freedom fries.



"All over the civilized world, voters are turning terrorist-coddling liberals out of office and voting for politicians friendly toward Bush, the world's sworn enemy of Islamic fascism."

Perfect Score - Lost Spoilers!

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Meredith got a perfect score!!! is so much to talk aboot!!!

Green Leafe Death Threat

Fans of the rock band My Chemical Romance have threatened Glenn Gormley with death after members of the band became ill and canceled shows after eating at the Green Leafe

OMG! PRudd on VM

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OMG! I was giddy like a school girl that Paul Rudd was on VM this week. I luuurrrvvvee him. And he was the hilarious loser rocker guy. Love it. You know, I am going to be totally sad when VM is cancelled and Piz goes to the other show. I love him. Logan sucks. Team Piz!

Seriously every line PRudd had was awesome. Calls Piz - Puss. Always confirm the accuracy of photos. That Veronica looks like a young Barbara Eaton. I am missing Night Court. Indie Rock or Rock Rock.

Then Dick Ghost Riding on YouTube and ran over his foot. F-ing hilarious.

Max and Mac and hot nerd on nerd action. They actually used real nerdy terms. Not Linux box, but pretty close and actually accurate.

And Leo is back as a deputy and he was a cutie the first time around. 

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