I had a book of quotes

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When I was a moody pre-teen and teenager I had two movies that I lurved. Say Anything and the Breakfast club. My god I watched that movie so many times. While not as many as the Princess Bride, it was pretty close.

I also had a quote book at some point and almost every quote was from the Breakfast club. I remember rewinding the tape over and over to make sure I had written down the quote correctly. thank god for the internet now and that i can just google all the quotes, but at the time that was not an option and they were in a book. 

So it is a terrible loss today of John Hughes. I LOVED his movies and I might have to download and watch a bunch of them this weekend. 

Some quotes. Add your own faves:

Andrew: We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.

Shark Week Is Here!

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One of the best weeks of the year

Did everyone see this?




That crazy girl Alexis was hit by a car and killed this weekend.





Jeanette got screwed by two boring dances. It's amazing how much the choreography dictates the winners and losers. And who is voting for Evan! I just don't get it, he has got to go. If he ends up in the finals I will be shocked. I am now pulling for Brandon and Jeanine. I loved the Battlefield dance, I've watched it like six times.

Vacation time

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So I am very close to taking my summer holiday only 10 more days! I figure I should get cracking on my update from the last holiday. So preview of the bigger  post that I will do this weekend. The lovely sounds of Florence.



Let's talk about SYTYCD. SPOILERS


Ade's solo last night was amazing. I'm glad he was in the bottom 3 so that we could see it. The judges made the right decision, Phillip was never going to do great at the other styles and they didn't get a crack at Evan, who needs to go. I hope America gets it right.

 Btw, did everyone know this about the relationship between Michael Jackson and Wade?


YouTube - WTF?

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Sometimes, you are travelling around the internet and someone has posted just the most bizzare video from YouTube. This week I have found it. I don't get the joke, I don't know why you would every decide to put this up for the world to see, but I am so glad you did because it made me laugh out loud. I give you:

Nosferatu singing Lady GaGa. Can anyone tell me who is the guy on the poster behind him besides criss angel? It looks like it might be Brad Pitt. (thank you SIMYP)


Yes I am still kind of stuck on MJ

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And have been watching videos on youtube.

Here is the 1988 Grammys. Way you make me feel and Man in the Mirror.

W&M Athletics - Tribe Pride . . . And Vegetables

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William & Mary mascot ideas include an asparagus

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) — The College of William & Mary in Virginia is looking for a mascot and ideas have ranged from a feathered horse to an asparagus stalk.

The school said Monday more than 400 nominations have been submitted. William & Mary for decades was known as the Indians, but the school changed its nickname to Tribe in the 1980s.

The NCAA ruled in 2006 that the college could keep the Tribe nickname but its feathered logo was demeaning to Native Americans and had to go.

The school's athletic teams will still be called the Tribe, but the college wants a mascot that may — or may not — match the nickname.

The asparagus stalk supporter notes that if served with cheese, the vegetable represents the school colors.

The school's president will make the final decision.


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So I am just catching up on last week - Be aware - if you are a fan of SYTYCD on Facebook - they will totally tell you who gets kicked off on Friday which is REALLY ANNOYING. But back to last week.

My favourite was the Mandy Moore dance. I got teary (of course) and then felt better about it when the judges did too! I love that MM always does 80s style dances and music. It makes me happy.

And I like Philip. 

I also liked the crash test dummies and the bollywood dance. I leave this post to everyone to discuss this week as well since I will have to download it and will try to watch this weekend. 

Arlington: The Rap

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You should spend 4 minutes to watch this video about living in Arlington, VA. It is so good.


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So when I went to the store the other night, I needed milk and for some reason (possibly the tube strike) the only milk they had was whole milk and skimmed goat's milk. I bought the goat's milk. It is very weird to drink it really does taste like goat's cheese in liquid form. I am not sure I would buy it again. I don't know how it is going to taste on cereal.

I have a new personal trainer

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As all of you know, while many years ago, I was very much in working out but that was in the 90s and now that it is almost the end of the aughts ('00s) I figure it is about damn time that I get back on that horse. I really can't live on my swimming glory anymore - it is a tad bit too long now.

About 2 years ago I spent a stupid amount of money on a twice a week personal trainer. I got up every tuesday and thursday and went to the gym at 7:30 in the morning. And while that was totally not fun, I think if I had tried a tad bit harder, maybe it would have worked out for me, I think it was the early mornings, and she wasn't that motivating. 

I now have a new workout regime. I am on week one of my new Wii game the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. (Full disclosure - they are a client) 

So I was a tad skeptical about this game, I have the Wii fit and while it is fun, it just does not have enough things to keep you going. But this game really takes it to the next level. 

Features that I like:


Can we talk about the red-headed girl and her boyfriend. Natalie and William is it? I am confused about where all of the judges' venom came from. I feel like we must have missed something behind the scenes, like they were overheard bragging that they were going to win or something. It made no sense to kick Natalie off that early but they were holding her to a much higher standard than the other dancers for some reason. I hope William is great because I thought Mia and Lil'C were terrible to him and he took it very maturely.

Air France Flight #447





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