Military donors favor Obama to McCain

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The military prefers Obama?? Even though he's a Muslim, and McCain is a war hero. That has to sting!

Well, at least McCain can still count on the racist vote.


Airborne Refunds

A few people mentioned at the lake that they had used Airborne in the past, so I wanted to point out that the FTC settled deceptive advertising charges with the company today. If you purchased Airborne between 2001 and 2007, you can file for a refund (with or without a receipt) for up to 6 product purchases. Details are available at the FTC website. Go get your money back!  The deadline for filing for a refund is September 15.


So there's a lot of controversy - OK, well, maybe just a bit of controversy - surrounding the use of the word "retarded" in Tropic Thunder.  Considering the movie also has Robert Downey Jr. in blackface, the producers ought to be pretty pleased.  The movie uses the word so heavily because it's poking fun at Hollywood's patronizing portrayals of mentally disabled.  With that in mind, for your viewing pleasure, here are some wonderful clips from Riding on the Bus with my Sister.  (PS - Mere, I still can't embed videos directly into my posts.  This site is retarded!)


Olympics - Another recap

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Random thoughts as I try to catch up on my Olympic watching. I am only to Monday so a little behind, but getting there.

While I could not make the lake, Spain was a nice alternative

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Since I could not make the lake, I decided I still needed that time off. This past weekend was the first vacation I have had since I moved here so while it was not long enough, it was really nice to be off for a few days. So I went to Valencia Spain. Which is on the coast so I got some beach and it is sunny there 300 days a year so I got some heat and some sun. Highlights of my trip:

curving streetsI stayed at the lovely Petit Palace Bristol which was right in the middle of the old town. Valencia while on the beach, the beach is sort of on the outskirts of the town, the middle of the town is not really that close to the beach. So thursday when I got there I needed to get my bearings and of course the map was totally not to scale since the middle of the city within the old walls is like a mile wide. For the first day I thought I was going to have to walk miles and it ended up that things were around the corner.

Internal HRC Campaign Memos

These memos from Mark Penn and other senior advisors on the HRC campaign are fascinating.  Good lunchtime reading.

Sad Day ...

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The chinese womens' gymnastics team is somehow responsible for this, I am sure of it. (And I hear they not as old as they say they are.)

National Zoo's Giant Panda Will Not Give Birth

Staff at the Smithsonian's National Zoo confirmed today that female giant panda Mei Xiang (may-SHONG) will not give birth to a cub this year. They believe that she experienced either a pseudopregnancy or the loss of a developing fetus. In a pseudopregnancy, an animal's hormonal changes and behaviors are identical to a pregnancy, but no conception occurred. Fetal loss during early pregnancy is a common occurrence in mammals, but the reasons for this phenomenon are poorly understood. ...

Olympic Recap - A little Update

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I will do my recap of my trip and other things later this week. Still having issues with posting videos. Links are working again. Sorry abou the delay, but I have to get any sun time that I can. I do have my pictures up here.

First off - I didn't Tivo the opening ceremonies most of the time, there are only about 10 minutes of it that is exciting and it is usually 4 hours long. Something you can totally miss or find on the NBC or BBC online players if you want to see it.

Becuase of my trip, I am a few days behind - Only on Saturday events so please no one tell me what is going on real time. I will get there soon enough. My thoughts so far:

Urgent TiVo Request

We TiVoed so many Olympics programs while we were away that TiVo deleted the SYTYCD finale and the Opening Ceremonies.  Does anyone still have either of those programs?  If so, let's talk.

PS-I officially have Phelps Phever.  (It's actually why I was so congested all weekend.)

Lake Recap--Thursday

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Who will help me with the lake recap for mere and scotty? My brain is still a bit fuzzy from the festivities. Here's day 1.


I took mere's place and rode up with Julie, Jerry, and Lilly. We got caught in the detour around Gettysburg but fared much better than others who were stuck in traffic for hours. I think LKO got out of her car and sun bathed for awhile??? J&J and I also kept ourselves entertained by playing the state capital game and calling/texting others to find out their ETAs. It rained on and off at the lake on Thursday, so we sat out on the porch in the big house most of the time. Jerry Munk provided burgers for dinner (ground the beef himself), Megan made them better with her fancy cheeses, and Huckleberry took advantage of a prime opportunity and snuck away with 3 raw burgers himself. Here's where things get foggy -- I think I started with Pimms Cup, then made a few people grapefruit cocktails and used my new fave Absolut Ruby Red vodka. Jennie, Jerry & Isabelle, Sarah & Lee (newbies!), LKO, Denny and of course LC, Camrox and Gus were all there for dinner as well -- KSaul came later. Celebrity was played. Up till 3:30am.

Next up: Rainy Friday -- learning to play Euchre, plus more games, more Pimms Cup, much more delicious food, Sara joins us, and Gus continues to be the perfect baby.

Hottest PR in DC

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I think Josh mentioned this over the weekend, so I had to find it on MediaBistro, and seriously, some of these (ahem) ladies, look like they submitted the sluttiest picture they could find on their own facebook pages. Seriously. Wow.

 I do like this one though. The fact that it is B/W maybe makes it seem a bit less tawdry than the rest of the pack.


Too funny

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Countdown to the lake

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I am so excited for the lake. I need a vacation! Mere, we will miss you!!! Anything you'd like us to do, to make you feel like you were there? Day by day recap? Flip cup in your honor?

Finale Predictions (and spoiler)


Was anyone else surprised to see Courtney knock Chelsie out of the top 4?  Did not see that one coming.  I think I really want to see Twitch win it-- what do you think?

The Olympics are Coming - Get Ready

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I am excited for the Olympics to start. Thankfully my DVR is in place so I will be able to blog some of the events, but due to a massive amount of work, I fear that I will not be able to give as many highlights as I would like. To make sure that everyone gets enough Olympics. NBC today launched their online video hub for the 2008 Olympics. It features free on-demand video of over 20 different events.

You have to download a player and it only works on PCs but get it here.


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