The Daily Show

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I figured out yesterday that the Daily Show is on here which I am very glad about because I really didn't want to have to download it and pay for it.

So very glad for it. And this clip was just amazing. 

Wanted - Someone to Read Watchmen and Discuss and See the Movie Next March with Me

This trailer doesn't seem all that exciting unless you've read the book, which I'm in the middle of.

Whither Michael from The Wire? 90210.

It seems the second coming of Omar has up and gone to Beverly Hills. Tristan Wilds - Michael Lee from seasons four and five of The Wire - will be a character on the new 90210. What's next? Dukie in Gossip Girl?

Kick The Tires And Light The Fires

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Does Washington really need more change?  I think they are still getting used to this . . .





GG Report

Here is a great recap / report card for last night's shows... obviously full of spoilers.  Many absurd moments, but I heart it and am so happy it is back.  Now I just can't wait for tonight's 90210!!!


Greetings from SF

I'm having the best time! The event is amazing and it's just getting started. I went to a fabulously cool dinner last night and - semi-celebrity sighting - the spiky haired lesbian from Top Chef was there. Without the girlfriend, they must still be broken up. I did't introduce myself. Good times. I got hammered and still managed to make my 7 am meeting this morning.

What are others saying

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Josh asked me if people were talking about the election here and it is big news here as well. This mornings evening standard. I thought it was a great line.

Our Dream for America

Party Unity

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Save the People of from Evil Insects

There's a crazy Japanese website that reformats other websites into a video game landscape in which you have to save people from giant, marauding insects.  You can save people on MB here or you can just go to the main page and save people on another site by typing in the URL.


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linking and videos are now allowed back on the site. A little lesson - If you want to link to something - highlight the words you want to be the link and then the little chain link icon at the bottom here click on that and it will open a box where you can put in the URL click the insert button and you are good to go.

Video - Two ways - now there is a little flash icon below next to the smiley face if you click on that you can put in the VALUE url that is part of the embed code and the size (usually 400 px by 300 px if flickr 425 x 344 for youtube) and hit insert. Second way - click the "disable rich-text" to get rid of the editor and then copy and paste in the full embed code you get from youtube or wherever. Either way should work. To show my excitment - I present Humacorn.


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Anyone want to come over for a labor day bbq on Saturday?  I think I am going to make ribs, chicken and boca burgers.  Let me know!

Bank Holiday Weekend

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So it is a bank holiday weekend. I get monday off. A replacement for Labor Day weekend. So what am I doing this weekend.

I bought a book of London walks and I plan to do at least one of them. Possibly 2. It is also the Notting Hill Carnival which should be fun to see the crowds and eat jamacian jerk chicken. I will take lots of pictures.

Today I am going to a thermal bath in Bethanal Green which after so much walking around you have to do here, it is going to be sooo amazing to sit in a hot tub for an hour.

Night Market in Covent Garden last night I got some lovely olives and this amazing italian sourdough bread. Good times. I sometimes still think I am on vacation which is a great way to feel about where you live. Anyone else have fun plans?

Voting in Virginia

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Thanks to the Federal Vosting Assistance Program. I have figured out that I can vote as a virginia resident and that my absentee ballot is going to be coming to my house here. It was starting to worry me that I haven't figured this out until now. But good times - I am able to vote.

Michael Phelps is a god

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I cannot believe that he did that amazing feat. That was just great. That 100 Butterfly was just insane winning by a hundredth of a second? Insanity. Wow Wow. And the 200 IM he just rocked it. Just amazing.

Rebecca Adlington of the UK has done an amazing job in the 400 and 800 free. Crazy fast.

I am sad that the swimming is over. Onto WaterPolo, Diving and Sychro.

I believe that some of those chinese gymnasts are under age.

Just in case anyone missed it. The Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai who dislocated his elbow.

What has everyone else been watching?

Celeb Sighting

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My first celeb sighting in London. I might not ever top this.We were in Soho tonight because I forced everyone to go there for no other reason then I have only been there once before. As we are leaving the pub, who walks past us with a very cute blonde woman. Steven Merchant.  I was psyched. I think I have to listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast again.

Get it here if you haven't heard it the first time. It will not disappoint. Truly one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

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