Wassssup 8 Years Later

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Make sure you watch this through to the end.

Chimpanzee Rides Segway

I never thought there were three more beautiful words in the English language than "I Love You" until now


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My mom and sister are here and tomorrow we leave for the long weekend to go to Cinque Terra in Italy. Should be lovely and I cannot wait to eat my face off.

I am going to be in NYC on the 26th is anyone around? I would love to get dinner. Back online on Tuesday.


Obama Kills at the Al Smith Dinner

Happy Birthday Julie!

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Hope Jerry is taking you for an amazing free-range dinner.

The Financial Meltdown Explained

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I am sure all of you already know about this because I am pretty sure, you all listen to NPR and This American Life. If you don't - I highly suggest you go to itunes go to the podcast section and start to download the podcast it is great. A couple of months ago they did a show on the mortgage crisis and what happend with mortgaged back securities it was called "the Big Pool of money". It was really interesting.

A week ago they did a follow up show which expanded on that show into all the other issues the economy is now having called  "Another frightening show about the economy"

Another episode if you have never heard it that is also just amazing is called Habeas Shambeas about Habeas Corpus. 

So I truely recommend you listen to all three ASAP. Go to Thisamericanlife.org Or download it from Itunes which can do from the site.

Another Frightening Show about the Economy - Episode 365 (aired October 2008_

The Big Pool of Money - Episode 355 (aired May 2008)

Habeas Shamabeas - Episode 331 (aired  April 2007)

They also have a list of their favorite episodes and I have heard I think all of them and, they are great. 

Restaurant Review

Jerry's newest review of Ray's Hell Burger is in this month's Lyon Park Citizen on page 19


If you're terribly bored, feel free to turn to page 17 to my scintillating review of the Lyon Park yard sale and bake sale.

Ode to old friends found and lost again

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From the age of 10 until college the singular thing that defined me was swimming. It was pretty much all I did and all I wanted to do and most of my friends revolved around swimming and most of the choices I made during that time all revolved around swimming. I don't regret it at all. I loved swimming and the friends that I made. Key people that I spent 90% of my time with were Lia, Jim and Bridget. I met them in the 6th or 7th grade the were a 2years older but we were on the same swim team and I think being friends with them made me who I am today.

When it was time to go to high school, I decided to skip going to the school closest to the my house so that I could be on the swim team with those three. I think over the years I have tired to say that it was because of other things, but I went to USDHS for the swim team and nothing else. 

New Friday Night Lights Episodes Available On The Net!

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The season premiere is avilable to watch here.  Hopefully new episodes will be added as the season goes along.

Happy Birthday on Sunday LKO!

May the Redskins win again in your honor.

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NKOTB Contest

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My friends at the Geekpad have entered a contest for a radio station and the best NKOTB video gets a trip for five to vegas. They did actually do an amazing video to "the right stuff" So go vote for them - Video 4. And watch the video:

Comcast would never have been so easy

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So I have here BT for TV, Phone and Internet. They have a nice online interface where you can put in all your accounts (one issue they are three separate accounts won't let you combine) but when I login I can see them all. Except my internet account - I would try to put it in so that I could track it online but I kept getting an error. So I emailed the contact us form and told them my issue and in 5 hours - Fixed. I now login and there are all my accounts. Amazing.

I know that would never ever work if I had comcast. 

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