Lost = Awesome

Lost was great. The ending gave me goosebumps, but I do hope that it doesn't turn out that they are all dead in purgatory or whatever. I didn't care about Jin's mom being a prostitute, but I liked how happy she was that the baby is his, even though it means she'll die. I don't know if it is on any blogs somewhere, but I think that the parachute lady said "I'm not alone" when she obviously wasn't saying "thanks for saving me" like one-eye said. So maybe the GF is on the island after all.



the "I'm not alone" was on blogs, but i love that you knew that on your own!!!  I thought it was awesome as poo, again. and i definitely don't think they are dead and in purgatory or something lame like that. i think it was ben/widmore/hanso or whomever cover up. probably ben (or whomever he works for), since they clearly do not want ANYONE finding the island or anyone leaving. so, stop any possible search parties etc. i think hurley is going to go psycho again, and maybe think it is all a figment of his imagination again a la dave.