Dillon Panthers

That was a pretty good finale considering they weren't sure if the show was going to be picked up and that it could have been a series finale. 

 i'm hoping that coach taylor showing up like that, with street running the meeting,  was a welcome back from the players and he won't be going off to TMU.


Hook And Ladder

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The hook & ladder play Saracen called at the end of the game was the exact same play Boise St. called at the end of regulation in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma this year - it worked for Boise St. and they tied the game and eventually won the game in OT.  Given that Boise St. was arguably the most improbable Bowl game winner in the history of the BCS and the game itself was easily the best bowl game in the history of the BCS it was pretty cool that they referenced it like that.  Also - interesting that the team Dillon played was West Canaan, which was the original subject of the FNL book and movie.


I can't imagine how this show doesn't get picked up (I mean I can see it happening but it would be a shame) - it seems the show has gotten a lot of buzz in the last few weeks so maybe they should replay it over the summer, pick up viewers that missed it the first time around and see what it does in the Fall.  It is head and shoulders above most of the shows on tv right now, and can be marketed in so many ways other than just a show about a football team. 


i immediately thought of that play and game when they called it. i believe it got picked up for 6 more scripts, i think? I believe it is a strong show. Here's the problem for the general public..it can be depressing as hell. Somehow, the personal drama of the characters with a football overlay isn't translating to mass appeal. Coach Taylor parked in his spot at the end but i thought Street was filling the leadership void.

you're right on both counts

its definitely picked up for six more.

and it could go either way... where he's filling the leadership void in the meantime or taylor has decided to stay.  refresh my memory, the old coach who made the "racist" comments about smash and sarencen is still w/ the team right? and he's the one who was bitter he got passed over to taylor?

Coach Mac

he is still there but his time has passed.