RIP Sheriff Lamb

What a great twist at the end... hands down the best episode of the season.  This season had been missing that.  Mac's roommate is hot. it was good seeing logan move past his sulking phase. 


i forgot to add

that they're working on a gay's anatomy spin off w/ addison.

from (not good!)

Attention VERONICA MARS fans: Thanks to a tip from theTHEATREaddict, this TV Addict must begrudgingly report today that Ms. Mars herself — Kristen Bell — has been offered the lead in the upcoming Broadway production of XANADU, expected to open this spring in New York. Kristen accepting an offer to star in XANADU may not be a positive sign for those waiting on a fourth season renewal for VERONICA MARS. Is it time for the obligatory ‘Save Our Mars’ campaign to kick into high gear? Stay Tuned…


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How could they do this?!?

Xanadu? Isn't that the bad 80s movie with Olivia Newton John?  


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That movie is awesome! The music is aweome an dI love Kristen Bell as the lead!  This is the greatest news I've heard all day!!!!


Can anyone say road trip?

What a shock!

The audience always knew keith would end up as sheriff, but I didn't think it would go down like that. Poor lam! I will miss his banter. The veronica in jail scenes were great. Of course I hate anyone moving in on logan, but whatev. Isn't that the girl who lied about being raped? Next week wraps up the dean's murder and then 8 week hiatus. What will we ever do.


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I was totally shocked. I didn't think he would actually die, I thought he might be in capacitated. I really liked sheriff Lamb. I thought he was great comic relief. Glad that Keith is back as Sheriff, he looks so happy back in his little outfit.

Veronica in jail - she had great lines. The fake tattoo. Good times. I think I like Logan and veronica apart better then together.

I didn't know it was going to be off again for 8 weeks! What are they doing to me!?! 

was i the only one suprised

that mac gave up her v-card so quickly?


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she was trying to giveit to beaver every chance she got- not surprising at all.  The roommate was not the fake rape- but the real one- so explain to me how all of a sudden her hair isn't a wig and she can go swimming tin the ocean with it on???  That drove me crazy.  So is greico dead?  Maybe he'll survive or is he for sure dead?  I will miss lam as well...  Love VM- 8 weeks?  How did i miss that????

good point

i totally forgot about the beave... l.o. is right about the real rape. obviously her hair grew back. greico isn't dead for sure or they would have mentioned it, i think. he's less likely to have killed the dean now that his finger prints are on the keyboard. that would be way too easy. i dont think i'm liking these shorter small-arc mysteries. they're dumbed down way too much. i'd liked the full season mysteries with the little side stories woven in a lot more. not to detract from the great vm ep, but did everyone see that ian ziering is going to be on dancing with the stars and addison is going to get her own spin-off from grey's anatomy? they talked about both on