Awesome as poo: LOST!!!

I loved last night's episode.  It was great - it tied so much of the story together, from some Island issues to Julliette's motivations, Claire.... But I still wonder what Ben / Others do or where able to do to convert Julliette from a "good" person to this awful person that she knows she now is.  (Example: Sayid would kill her if he knew; Sawyer saw in her eyes she would kill cold-blooded; she continues to plot against and manipulate Jack). Jack is driving me crazy. And I wish Kate would tell Sayid and Sawyer all the details of what happened with Julliette and the handcuffs/fence.... and was Julliette's INXS video thing with Jack real or another of Ben's manipulations? remeber that?



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i don't think juliet is awful -- i think she is awesome as poo. she'll do whatever is necessary to get off the island. she may seem like she is doing what ben is telling her, but there is no doubt in my mind she is playing him too. but, one question i have is why do the Others care about the castaways? is it all about reproduction? no one except a few know sun is preggers right? it was a real good episode.