Happy Birthday Megan!

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I hope Josh is doing something great for your birthday and it doesn't involve painting your house.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


happy birthday, my nubian princess!


nubian princess

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what is a nubian princess exactly? no question megan is a goddess, but I hear that phrase and really don't know what it means?

she's the mother of civilization

Happy Birthday!

If we ever see you again, we will have to celebrate.

66 is a two-way street


so is the dulles toll road!

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Happy birthday megan!  Your house is amazing and should be highlight on HGTV.  I swear- I am so jealous and wish i had hired you to decorate my house!!! (Sorry Josh... but I assume it is all Megan...)

What are you doing next weekend?

We are free to come visit Sunday the 22nd.

come on over!

and, yes, megan is a design genius.  (if it wasn't her birthday, i'd claim credit.)