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what did everyone think? I was a little more bored than i wanted to be for most of it....



that final scene, bobby gripping his daughter looking out over the lake, was chilling.  a fate worse than death.  and that was the most tense depiction of a game of monopoly i'd ever seen.


i loved them singing karaoke.

My Grade

Is a solid A. I felt last night's was better than any episode from season 6 (granted, i was down on most of season 6). All around great..lots of foreshadowing. Should be a great season.

have not watched it yet

have not watched it yet because comcast has missed five appointments to install cable since two weeks ago. literally five. today is the fourth no-show. one other time, they showed up without the right equipment. they came a sixth time (the fifth time sequentially) and figured out that our house isn't wired (which, of course, they could have told us the first time).

that said, the season premieres are usually slow. takes a few episodes to build up a head of steam. i'm with keith. tony needs to end up dead or in jail by series' end.


seems like a distinct possibility. but dead might fit better with the overall theme of this show. i also can't wait to see what comes of christopher.


speculates that carmela will kill tony. it's certainly an interesting thought.

Liked it lots.

I thought Soprano's was great, actually -- there were a few moments i got bored around the lake, but overall, i thought it was awesome. janice is horrible but perfect to antagonize tony w/ his family history, w/ junior being out of the picture totally now too. and having bobby kill that guy as revenge.... brilliant. i think this bodes well for the last season.

Liked it

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It was just so much fun watching Tony. Where he would stew about how if he was younger he would have kicked his ass. And they saying he was going to let it go, but then totally couldn't. And how like a typical sibling couldn't stop making jokes about his sister.

How he regained his power by forcing bobby to kill someone even though he never had before. And how Bobby was talking about DNA testing and then let the guy rip his shirt.

I think Tony is ending up either in jail or dead. It can't be anything else. I think this episode got a lot of the old random family issues out of the way so that in the next 8 episodes you can focus on the "family" and immediate family issues until the end.