Shocking AI finale

I'm kind of over facebook and would rather talk about the upset here amongst friends. If anyone thinks this was not at least partly a gay backlash they are nuts. A bunch of housewives in red states who think Kris with a K was such a "nice boy." We'll see who has the better career! I look forward to following all the things Adam does.



i didn't watch it... i really only saw a few AI eps this year, but enough to know the drill with Adam v. Kris.  thought this was a cute little blog read


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I'm trying to focus on the positive.  I loved loved "Que the Rain"  Will be downloading it soon.  Think Lil Rounds rocked it.

But otherwise I'm devastated.  I think that  Kara DioGuardi  should be permenantly removed from AI and anyone who was involved in letting bikini girl up on stage should suffer a slow slow death.


I thought Kara's bit was cool and ballsy and that bikini girl sucks and deserved to be humiliated. And it was for charity.

I loved the show, that it was very entertaining, but was shocked at all of the 60+ men on stage. Surprised they could find that many.


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So the finale doesn't come on here until friday which is totally annoying but I will watch anyway. I just cannot believe that Adam didn't win. I like how D-listed put it, that Kris had been praticing his "smile with the smile that you are excited you got second place" and didn't know what to do because of course he should not have won.

In the end it is of course better to get second, because then your first song doesn't have to be that crap-tastic ballad they make you sing. 

 Adam my SD boy is going to be amazing and I cannot wait for his album.