AI and GG

Has everyone downloaded AL's version of One on Itunes? It is phenomenal, I highly recommend it.

Also the finale of GG last night was great. I loved tying up some very important loose story lines but leaving the intrigue open with some new twists for next year. I also love that they are all going to NYU. I wonder what will happen to keep Serena from going to Brown. Can't wait to find out. I also appreciated that it wasn't a sappy, we're graduating from HS episode with silly speeches and everyone crying. They were very practical about it.


GG season finale

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I agree that it was an awesome season finale of GG; I was more than satisified. My only complaint is I don't think Blair would have said to Chuck, while kissing on the street, "Say it again, say it again," or whatever after the "I love you" bit. They are by far my two fave characters, and it just didn't sound like her. Other than that, the writing is spectacular, and I love Wallace Shawn.

Did you know that Lily is pregnant in real life and has left her husband? That's why we have only seen chest and up shots of her for the past 3-4 weeks.

I somehow have a full queue of TV. Anyone watching In Treatment on HBO? I like it, but I can't keep up with 5 episodes a week. 




It's been more like the past 2 months. She's always carrying bags around or drinking coffee on the couch. Cracks me up.

Now that it's summer I'll go back and catch up on HBO - Big Love, FOTC, etc. Maybe True Blood too.

I have become hooked

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On Supernatural because it is a show I have never seen, and it is on here. And I have to say - I love it. It has CUTE boys, they fight things, and there is a good sense of humor with the show. I now can't wait until sunday night when it comes on here.

loved it

thought the gg finale was awesome - totally agree julie. and i was thrilled they ended w/ chuck and blair together, i really didn't want any more of the game back and forth. they are both fabulously evil and wonderful to have entertaining drama while a couple, especially once georgina is the roommate and seduces him.  i just have to get past the ridiculousness of someone unilaterally requesting a freshman roommate and of blair waldorf EVER living in an NYU dorm w/ a roommate other than dorota.  god i love this show.

i'm sure i would have loved the lily spin-off, but am not at all sad it is gone... would probably frustrate me more than anything.

watch rescue me!!


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I loved the last 10 minutes and glad that Chuck's uncle came back to the mix, but Serena and her vendetta seemed a bit silly- though i loved the idea of GG being the brother's bf!  that would have been seriously awesome.... What am I going to watch now?  Everything I like is over...  I would love if the Lily show started over the summer... do we know when that starts?


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GG spin-off not happening any more (I get all my tv news at We just have to focus on SYTYCD clearly.


(This is Julie accidentally signed in as Jerry)

Cannot wait for SYTYCD

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And I totally agree with Sara on Rescue me. Oh such a great show. I love it!