You can help Eliminate Tetanus in newborn babies

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Hi everyone,

I am doing a 24 hour charity event for Unicef and Pampers, and it would be AMAZING if you could donate even a few dollars to the cause. Every 3 minutes a child dies of Tetanus and this is totally preventable with vaccinees.

It is only valid for the next 15 hours so please don't think twice, just donate a little. I will really appreciate your help!

I even made a video



You look fabulous!

Can you send us weekly video updates of yourself? I will donate.

i loved the video!

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I haven't seen you in so long!  Your goal is 34k in 15 hours?  good luck!

I am very close

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to buying a flip video phone which will mean that I make tons of videos. I have become obsessed with them. Also the deadline has been extended to Sunday so we havea  little more time. It was a fun night. I am tired.


did you stay up all night?

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Was that a part of it?  I want to start wearing scarves- you look awesome and its so good to see you!  can't wait until the new phone arrives!

Not all night

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To get the campaign started we had 4 hours and then we went home. We ended around 10 and then I got a taxi back to my hotel and had a flight back to london at 7am. Lots of travel, but it was a really fun night and we are at 9000 so far and they have extended the contest until Sunday.

I highly recommend the scarf ;-)