Letter to yourself

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Just wanted to point out this great story/post/whatever on the Guardian today. Stephan Fry wrote a letter to his teenage self and then the comments are all what others would write to themselves. I find it brillant. I can't stop reading all the comments. It is funny how many people write something along the lines of, "don't worry so much"

Things I would say:

  • When you disqualify your relay team senior year - really it is not a big deal you were still winning the meet by a mile. Don't take it so hard.
  • Stay in touch with the people who liked in high school, it really isn't that difficult.
  • Be yourself - people like you better when you aren't trying so hard to be like someone else.  
  • When you have to get a cortizone shot to keep swimming, as much as you like it - it is a sign to stop.
  • Moderate - Moderation 
  • You do get to live in another country!
  • When you get the option of a convertible or the Dodge Shadow - Pick the convertible this time.