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So is everyone enjoying Lost this season? I have to say, I would really like all episodes to be much longer, which in the end is good for a show to have.

Every time that LeFlur gives someone a nickname, it still makes me giggle. Do we think they are going to make it back to normal time? Is Faraday really dead? I don't feel like I got enough back story on him. 



i can't believe that i haven't been on mb.com in, well, since facebook. yikes.  but thank god i remembered where to find my real friends and that they would be loving lost as much as i am. and that they would so correctly remind me that SYTYCD is coming back soon and to focus on that!!!!

Love it!

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I can't wait until tonight and it is so f-ing good!  I loved that he is dead!  and yes i think he is really dead and that charles is his dad and he is penny's half brother!  what a shocker!!!  how the parents argued because they were torn and upset about sending him back to his death but had no choice.  it is so awesome!!

 what about last night's biggest loser!!!  VOTE FOR RON!!!!  I am loving tv and so sad all this goodness is starting to end... damn summer breaks

Love it

The time travel stuff is so hard to wrap my brain around but I love it anyway. Can't believe it is ending in two weeks, but also excited for SYTYCD to get started!


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