Easter and the Sopranos

Jerry and I will be having a leg of lamb for easter sunday dinner and will be enjoying the sopranos on our new HD tv. If anyone would like to join us, let me know. We are giving away a cute, black dog as a door prize.  PS - Does anyone remember what happened on the sopranos last year?


last season

last season of the sopranos was all about destiny.  can tony soprano be a traveling salesman?  can lower level grunts escape?  can vito live happily ever after with johnnycakes?

suffering from alzheimers, junior shoots tony in the gut, who lapses into a coma, comes out and resumes control of the mob, in an uneasy detente with the ny crew, led by johnny sack (who finally wrests unquestioned control from carmine jr.).  leatherboy vito gets outed in a gay night club and runs away to new england and falls in love with a gay fireman/grill jockey.  brother-in-law phil leotardo catches up with him eventually.  johnny sack gets carted away during his daughter's wedding and cries in front of his soldiers, which apparently is a no-no and gives phil entree to take over while johnny is in jail.  i don't exactly remember how the season ends, but i think ny and nj are about to go to war.

the war

should be happening. Silvio and someone else knifed one of the NYC capos. The ending scene was showing the "family" in the living room. Ever since Sopranos started, my feeling is that Tony needs to wind up dead or in jail. Not sure if they will do it, but I feel one of those 2 scenarios is the right ending.


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and AJ had a s*x scene!  ANd gave away his bike- that was my favorite part.  So weird!