Woohoo! Congratulations! Elvis is getting hitched!

Travis and Ellen are engaged! Many best wishes to you both.



 some how i was able to work peak bloom of the cherryblossoms and a 5p seating a Ray's the Steaks inito our saturday......

no - no date yet. we will probably take a little time before starting to plan anything.

also, thanks for not posting on facebook. we both have a lot of coworkers as friends on there who don't know we're dating yet.  since monday is the start of a two week recess it may be a few weeks before everyone knows.  so there won't be a change of status or anything for a while..


I love

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That MB.com is the first site that gets this news! I beat FB!

And I love that the happy couple had an amazing day. 


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That's great news


Details, Details!


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When's the big day???

How Great!

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Congrats to the happy couple.