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My original post about twitter is here but just gives you the basics.

Twitter is a microblogging tool so that you have 140 characters to tell people "What are you doing?" it is kind of like the status updates on Facebook except a little more public and has somewhat of a different audience since anyone can see you twitter update and only your friends can see your status update.

So what is the deal with the following? When you sign up for an account - you basically are creating your own blog like you do on and all your updates show up on your page like mine.  The way that other people get updates on what you are doing is to "follow" you. When they follow you, your updates will then show up on their page so that they can see what you are doing as well. You need to follow other people to see what they are doing without having to go to each person's individual page. That would just be a pain in the a$$ if you had to click on everyone's individual page to see what they are doing, which is why you Follow them so that it comes to you.

There are a few things you can do on Twitter:
You can write what you are doing, share a link, whatever you want.
You can respond to what someone else has said by adding their username into your post by doing the @muertemaria (or their username) so that they see that you have replied to them.
You can Direct message someone by putting DM @USERNAME to message someone without everyone seeing the message
You can Re-Tweet someone elses tweet because you think more people should see it by saying RT @muertmaria <<Whatever they wrote>>

The other feature is the hashtags which are like tags from blogs it is used as a way to find other people's posts who are talking about the same thing. They can be whatever you want, it is kind of crazy, but people who have never met seem to be able to create almost the same hashtags and so it is easy to find posts that are similar. One big one is the #FollowFriday where you do a post about new people you are following. Another one that was big was #uksnow when it snowed for that one day in London. #inaug09 if you look that one up has everyone who was tweeting from the inauguration.

I barely go to anymore as a site because there are just better ways of handling twitter then using the site. I will give you three options for your computer and some for other devices. I saw a post today that there are 539 applications that you could use to access twitter but I have used these three.

- TwitterFox - this is a firefox plug-in it is very basic, but sits at the bottom of firefox and tells you how many unread tweets you have (right now 69! hee hee)

- Twhirl - I used to use this it is an adobe Air app which I like, I think it has gotten better then it was a few months ago. It is a little box that sits on your desktop and you can see everything from there without having to go to the site.Twhirl also incorporates FriendFeed which is the next big thing (you heard it here first)

- TweetDeck - This is what I mostly use now. Also and Air App, but a better interface then Twhirl for what I need, you have three columns to start one are all messages coming in from everyone you follow, one is all replies to you, one is direct messages to you. You can also create groups in Tweetdeck to create another column that shows the people who maybe you really want to see everything they tweet or just friends or reporters or something like that so that it gives a little more signal to the noise.

For other devices:
Iphone - I use Twitterrific on my ipod touch I have heard this is one of the better ones for iphone

BlackBerry - Twitterberry - This is just OK, but I haven't heard of a better one for BB yet. 

I find Twitter great, but you do have to get used to it, it took a little while to understand it, but I really like it now. Which might be why my blogging has suffered because writing short stuff is so much easier sometimes. 

Here are all my tagged articles about twitter. I have pulled a few out which might be most helpful.

David Pogue from the NYT wrote a great article about Twitter is what you make of it

Step-by-Step guide to twitter.

Twitter for Nonprofits.

I can keep going for quite some time on this, but this should get you started. I have other info like, how to search, who to follow, great campaigns on twitter, etc. 

Twitter in Plain English - A video.



Thank you!

Very informative. I found an application for Android for my google phone. Perfect.

I'm been using Twitter

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but this tutorial was awesome Mere -- definitely learned a few new things!