Let's talk about AI

I'm glad they cut two and didn't decide to extend it a week and I like the ability of the judges to bring someone back. Chris Daughtry would have won if the judges could do that back then. Very happy with the two that went home, I really was not a Jorge fan. Adam Lambert is amazing.


I adore Adam

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If he doesn't win I may give up Idol for ever and ever. Glad America got it right last night. Seems these early rounds they tend to vote off the right people which doesn't always make sense to me, but I'm glad it works. Love the new judges twist and love that they have to "sing for their life" in front of the judges. Even if the judges have already decided. Wish they'd discuss and fight about it in front of us.


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I do like adam too. who is the one that is the pseudo justin timberlake?

thank lord

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they didn't save jorge. but i do like it that they have that option now. i just started watching so i don't know all their names, but i like the two guys who play instruments: guitar and piano players (not the blind one though). what did everyone think of kelly? she didn't look her best, but i like her new song.

Love the song

It's very kelly clarkson and that is a good thing. She had a little junk in her trunk, it's true.

Blind guy is terrible!

blind guy

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I never thought he was very good. I just felt like they keep him in because he is special. That has to end soon.