Punta Cana

Has anyone been to Punta Cana and, if so, can you recommend a place to stay?  I'm going to the DR for work at the end of the month and I'd like to hang out at the beach for a couple of days.  Thanks!



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You should figure out Lee's days and go to cheapcaribbean.com and expedia to figure out what is the best deal with airfare and all inclusive- then just tack on your stay to his.  I just stayed in Blue Bay in Puerto Plata and loved it (no kids! and the food was great)  The Rui's are very nice also.  They have star ratings on expedia and cheapcaribbean and then you can go to tripadvisor.com to read reviews and compare.  There are so many that you should look into prices and flight deals first.  Mere- are those pictures from when we went?  Send me what you have please!  Once you pick between punta cana or puerta plata then let me know wand we can talk about the excursions.  fun fun


We decided on Punta Cana and are going to be staying at the Ocean Blue resort for 4 nights.  Any advice on excursions would be appreciated!  Did you ever do a trip to Saona Island?  If so, is it worth it?


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When Liz and I went we did the day snorkling trip that the guys will come around on the beach and sell you the day trip. It was fun. Liz and Michael had a very different experience the last time, but that was because of bad weather and not anything else.

I realize that the first time we went there I don't think I even had a digital camera but I do have one the second time we went with me, LK and JoJo. 2003!!


my camera back then sucked. 

Puerta Plata

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I was only on the other side of the island so not sure what is there. I think DR is pretty much the same, lots of all inclusive resorts so it is like you are on a cruise ship but you can leave the boat. And lovely beaches.