Randomness for a tuesday

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I hope all you DC people have been able to dig yourself out of the snow and go back to work. Today is again cloudy and rainy in London. I found a new quiz - How likely are you to have a tapeworm - I am 34%

What are your chances of getting a tapeworm?


mine was 26

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hopefully it is because i'm clean (thank you, roxanna) and not because i'm unadventurous, culinary-wise

Only 28!

I thought it would be more.

 It's supposed to be 60 this weekend - so exciting. Melt this snow and get on with spring!

I think mine is higher

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because of the stupid amount of mice I see on a daily basis. In the office, in the tube, on my walk home. It is like living in Ratatouille sometimes.

Yesterday mice count was 4. ewwwww.