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I am shocked by the amount of turds last night!  I am also shocked Tatyanna is's pick- I think she was in the top 5!  If she makes it thorugh it will prove to be a horrible season with votefortheworst calling the shots.  How awesome was it when Simon shot down Bucky Covington- i almost peed my pants laughing and snorting.  I'm so glad idol is back!



She didn't do herself any favors during the early episodes. I can't stand her and don't want to see any more of her craziness. I don't care how well she sings.

few days behind

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The show doesn't come on until thursday here but for last week, when tatiyanna got into the top 36 I could not stop laughing. Her crazy laugh/scream is just so funny to me. And her Paula designed jewlery. Too funny.