It can only get better and at least today is pretty

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The summer I moved here it ended up being pretty cold and only really got to 65 all summer instead of the 80-90 that I experienced the last summer I was in London. The fall was normal but this winter was colder then it has been in a while and today it snowed more then it has in 18 years. All buses are closed and most of the tube is shut down. So I walked around my neighborhood and got some great photos of the snow. I take this as a turning point while the weather is cold, it is really pretty.


Wow! Meredith, those are

Wow! Meredith, those are great pictures. We have had some pretty snow here in New York, too. But the light has not been great for photographs. It looks like the park in your neighborhood is lovely!

I take almost no credit

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For the shot. I figured out that my camera has a "snow" setting which really helps when you are trying to take pictures in the snow.

I do really like the park in my neighborhood. It is a few houses down from me and a lovely square with lots of rose bushes that are behind those benches. It is a great place to go sit outside when it is sunny. Or perfect when you are almost the first one in the place after it snows.