What have I been reading this week

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I am low on material this week and my big weekend was getting a cleaner (YES!!!) So here is the listing from my Delicious account of what I bookmarked this week. Also some other sites that I cannot seem to go without.

 First off - What is delicious? It is a free website which you can use to bookmark and tag your favourite sites and articles. Instead of just hitting bookmark in your browser, this way if you find an article or a site that you like you can add it to your delicious account and tag it with certain words so you can find it again easily. You can also see what other people have bookmarked as well. I love it. You see so many things online this way it helps to keep it somewhat organized. I highly recommend it. 

So mostly this is a list of articles for work so NERD ALERT on almost all but maybe you will find them interesting as well: