Super Bowl Party

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The Churchill's are having a Super Bowl Party. Evite will go out soon. After the Colts lost, I was hoping for an all Pennsylvania match up -- we could have served all PA beer, cooked all types of PA food. It would have been a great theme. Now, I'm a tad uninspired with Pheonix vs. Pittsburgh. I'm still planning to make lasagna, and would be happy if others brought other food items (maybe an antipasta, salad, delicious dessert?).

And I welcome any other ideas for this Cardinal-Steelers game.



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When I think of Arizona, I think some sort of corn based food like corn chips. Mostly because I still have in my head that all indians ate was corn and possibly buffalo.

Sadly can't make it and the game doesn't start here until 10pm so I think I might skip it. And I don't even think I would get the same commercials, which actually, is the part I like best.